To help US Public Libraries create, maintain, and manage their Spanish Collections through the selection of the Best Spanish Titles available all over the world.

We work with the most influential publishers in the Spanish Literary world.


Established in 1993 (Under New Ownership since 2004), Chulain Publishing Corp. has excelled in Customer Service.


To find the best titles in Spanish around the world and provide them to our clients.


We have established strong relationships with the best Hispanic publishers around the world.

Alfredo Marroquin


For more than 15 years, Alfredo Marroquin and Edith Farro have helped US Public Libraries to acquire the best Spanish titles. With expertise in World literary market trends and selection, along with excellent client relations, Chulainn Publishing Corp. holds a high standard when it comes to helping their clients. Both Alfredo and Edith present dedication, patience, pride, and quality to their work, elevating Spanish collections all over the US.

Edith Farro